RE-TRACER / RE-TRACE 1996 + 2019

RE-TRACER Sarajevo d’après-guerre 1996 + 2019

Catalogue d’exposition, 50 pages, couverture rigide, par Denis McCready

Combien de temps faut-il pour que les traces de la guerre disparaissent? Denis McCready a photographié Sarajevo d’après-guerre en 1996. Au milieu des fleurs printanières, des ruines et des cafés nouvellement rouverts, les gens marchaient partout en toute sécurité dans ce qui ressemblait à un état d’être suspendu. Ils avaient arrêté de mourir, mais n’avaient pas recommencé à vivre.
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Catalogue trilingue – anglais, français, bosanski – contenant 19 diptyques – Bob Carnie Printmaking and Gallery, Toronto, Canada, du 13 mars au 13 mai 2021.

Couverture rigide, 10 × 8 po, 25 × 20 cm, 50 pages, papier mat de qualité Premium

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RE-TRACE Post-war Sarajevo 1996 + 2019

50-page Hard Cover Exhibit Catalog, by Denis McCready

How long does it take for the traces of war to disappear? Denis McCready photographed post-war Sarajevo in 1996. Amidst the spring blossoms, the ruins, and the newly reopened cafés, people walked everywhere safely in what felt like a suspended state of being. They had stopped dying, but they hadn’t started living again.
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Trilingual catalog – English, français, bosanski – containing 19 diptychs – Bob Carnie Printmaking and Gallery, Toronto, Canada from March 13th to May 13th, 2021.

Hard cover, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm, 50 pages, Premium Matte paper

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Diptychs – Limited edition of 5

All black and white pictures were shot on 35mm film in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) between April 19th and May 8th, 1996. The black and white pictures are made from an 8” x 12” digital negative and contact printed on silver gelatin Ilford Warm Tone paper.

All colour pictures we shot on digital 24 mpx cameras in Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina) between May 7th and 27th, 2019. The colour pictures are digitally printed at 8″ x 12″ – ink on baryta paper.

The pictures are mounted together on double archival mattes. You can select your picture by browsing this English, Bosnian, French catalog.

900$ CAN matted, unframed

Shipping available outside of the Greater Montreal area for additional cost. If you want to purchase a diptych or a catalog, please email me at